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Auto Glass Appraisal Services




Most auto insurance policies contain an "Appraisal provision".   Your customer's insurer may invoke this provision for a number of reasons.  The auto shop must appoint a competent appraiser who will work with the insurer's appraiser to determine the amount of the loss. We are experts at helping our customers navigate through this process.



The mission of AGAS is to protect our clients during the appraisal process. There are some individuals and companies who take advantage of the shop's lack of knowledge when it comes to the appraisal provision. AGAS is committed to protecting and educating our clients during this process.



We have worked with a variety of businesses in several states. Although our clients have ranged in size from small businesses to large corporations, our niche is helping small and medium sized clients through the appraisal process.  To date, we have handled several thousand appraisals.

 Simplifying the appraisal process.

Our goal at AGAS is to provide affordable, competent and professional appraisals and to simplify the appraisal process.




“When the insurance company invoked the appraisal clause, I had no idea what to do.  AGAS handled everything professionally. ”

Shop owner, Florida

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